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03-14-2010, 01:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I am 100% sure that Dale Weise game would translate very well to the NHL. Like if you say that the "sum" of Weise game in the AHL is "65", it would probably be "60" in the NHL.

Is the fact that it would translate well enough to get him to the NHL then? Thats not a given. But I like him. I think he is a good prospect. The reason for why I like him, is that he does what he does good really well.

He plays a simple game and drives hard to the net. Skates a lot. If you say more about him, you are pretty much delivering false info.There are 100's of players out side the NHL who can a do a helluva lot more then he can on a hockey rink. Probably 1000's. But what Weise does, he does well. And what he does well, works in the NHL too.

In the end, its safe to say that he still is on the outside looking in. But he have potential to become like a 3rd lineer in the NHL who can ship in 20 goals and create some havoc.

Take a Corey Locke for example -- whats he so good at? He is great with the puck in the attacking zone. Does that translate well to the NHL? No, not at all. Many of the best playmakers and snipers aren't in the NHL. Whats hard in the NHL is to get into a situation where you have the puck on your stick, with time and space, in the attacking zone. Whats hard is to create chances, not to do something with them.

Hence, a player like Corey Locke can score 120 pts in the AHL and 12 in the NHL.

But if you are really good at skating fast up the wing, and driving hard to the net -- it won't be much harder to do that in the NHL compared to the AHL. Ryan Callahan is a good example of that. And in the NHL, Dale Weise could score many of the goals like a Antoine Vermette or Chris Kelly scores, while Corey Locke couldn't.
Great post as usual Ola. Very fair assesment.

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