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02-04-2005, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Inertiatic
I already acknowledged that part of my post was in bad taste. I was a little annoyed that once again the typical Hab fan bashing was brewing. I think his response was right in the money, and I beleive he has a good argument. Why bring it up again?

Also, saying Koivu has had the 'luxury' of playing with good players? I don't think anyone has ever said that. Throughout his career Zednik is the best player, after that it's Savage. Not to mention Zednik didn't reach the 30 goal plateau until he played with Koivu. Kovalev shouldn't even count, it was what 15-20 games max? Come on now..
How many points did Koivu put up in those 15-20 games? That's the most important part to this arguement. Playing with guys like Kovalev and Zednik would mean he'd have to put up a good 10 points atleast. But yes, I do think he's had the luxury of playing with better players. They aren't superstar players mind you, but compared to Sturm-Marleau-Cheechoo, you have a first line centre, with 2 second line players, or possibly a third line player in Cheechoo on some deeper teams. You can't argue that Koivu with Zednick and Kovalev is a far deeper line then Marleau with Sturm and Cheechoo, and by quite a sizeable margin at that.

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