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02-04-2005, 10:26 AM
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Some fans make judgements solely on what they see written about a player

Originally Posted by Olver is my hero
Back to Olver again. I go to NMU and see Darin play on a regular basis.

Yes, Darin needs to bulk up to make it...everyone knows that. It seems to run in the family though...his brother, Mark, is playing here on the Marquette Electricians (Midget AAA) and he's 5'11'', 155 lbs. He's 17 by the way. Reminds me of his brother in every way on the ice as well(53GP, 43G, 40A).

Yes, Darin isn't scoring as many goals as last year...everyone knows that. His linemates from last year, Dirk Southern and Pat Bateman, have had off and on injuries all year...Southern just got back from one after Christmas. Walt was playing with the lines the whole first half of the season. Nothing really seemed to work exceptionally well. The Olver-Bateman odd man rush isn't clicking this year for some reason. I believe that's how Darin got quite a bit of goals last year. I think the odd man rush has finally started to click though. Darin's also got a big target on him since he was successful last year...hence the term "sophomore slump." He seems to have a problem finishing this year though. Just not lucky. If you think he can't score, I'll have to drag out the clip of his video game move vs. Tech. Granted, it was Tech, but the kid skated at least 5 circles, finally moved in, shot, and scored. It was a beauty.

Whoever said Darin had to work on his skating skills is on crack. I don't know if you read the wrong scouting report or whatnot, but the kid doesn't have a problem skating.

Yes, he is the fastest guy on the team. I'd put him up against the fastest in the conference, heck, the whole ncaa and he'd do well. He's fast and sneaky...he got past the Michigan defense on Friday. Get my point? That's not the guy you want sneaking in behind you.

Yes, he has excellent vision on the ice. I completely agree with Atlanta Thrasher.

He's even really stepped up his defensive game this year. At the beginning of the year, he was on the top PK. Enough said.

Seriously, only thing that will hold the kid back from being amazing in the NHL is his size.
without ever seeing the player play and making their own judgements. The Mich game was the 1st time I saw him play. I think he reads the game extremely well and is patient with the puck when he has it. He appears to have some really good instincts for the game. All in all I was fairly impressed with him based off of my first impressions. It will be interesting to see him several times again to see if my first impressions were accurate.