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Originally Posted by Showteq View Post
I started on roller and i believe it really helped me with my hands and vision. Just don't adopt the lazy habits of roller hockey and enjoy!

I play roller hockey almost exclusively now because of how much it costs to be in an ice league. I'll get back there eventually. Anyway, there are some real hot dogs playing roller hockey - at least in my league. It's as if they know you won't touch them. I've always considered myself a hybrid player but I try to play the right way no matter the surface. Play my position and know my responsibility.

Someone mentioned the 'pure' roller hockey player - you can spot them a mile away on ice. They try some crazy stuff. Roller hockey doesn't necessarily make you develop bad habits, but it can if you let it. No offsides can make for ill-advised long passes. 4 on 4 does make you a little more responsible but as a defenseman, I'd rather learn my craft than worry about jumping into the play all the time.

However, I believe that ANY practice is good practice - whether it's roller hockey, or horsing around in tennis shoes in your driveway.

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