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03-14-2010, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Panfork View Post
I'd say $3M, $3.5M at best. $4M is too much. If he'd play like he's been playing year-round, anyway. His consistency puts him somewhere between 2 and 2.8 million.

But tonight I can appreciate him, GREAT defense, GREAT passing, and GREAT bullet of a shot that ended up to be the game winner.
I hold him higher then that.

He makes a lot of small plays that don't look hard, but they are. He always turns up ice with the puck to make a play. He always makes the play even when shoulder to shoulder with the forechecker.

Now, its fair to say that last season he failed on not so few of those attempts. Like in 07, and lately, he didn't. But he still makes them, and that is really valuable. You can't find many/any UFA signings under 4m who have that in them. Like if you have a Aaron Ward, a Jeff Fingers, or any guy in that range -- what you get 9 out of 10 times in those situations is a puck shipped around the boards. 50% of those pucks sent around the boards probably ends up in direction at Henrik Lundqvist. Like, you see that it pays of a ton to get a delivered pass up ice instead. It have a great impact on his teams puck possession ability. And that pass won't stand out much, not many will applaude him for them. And like if he chokes and gives the puck away and a shot is put on Lundqvist, it will look a helluva lot worse then if he had cleared the puck off the boards to a D who put it on Lundqvist -- but the result would still be the same. Hence he is exposed to some unfair critisism.

Rozi isn't a PPQB. But he was our best PPQB last season. That certainly brings down his value a lot, that he can't run a PP. But, its not fair let that shade his entire game either. Which I think was done last year for example. He was horrible on the PP, not so much at all 5 on 5.

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