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02-04-2005, 02:47 PM
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TSN is reporting talks went badly and they had no progress at all. (Hard to believe you can talk for 9 hours straight and make NO progress). This is an unreal situation and im starting to just not care anymore. Screw hockey.
yeah, it's extremely frustrating...hard to believe the NHL is going to be the first pro sport to cancel a season...first time there will be no stanley cup champion

i honestly hope that all the players go broke and all the owners are left with worthless franchises they couldn't sell for $1000

screw them both, this is a disgrace to the game of hockey and to all the fans who love it.

there is nothing redeeming about this in the least. it is not "good" in any sense, least of all that "the league will be able to get a better CBA deal!". that's a joke, this is a joke...cancel the season and i'm sincerely almost at the point where i hope the NHL folds and is gone for good, and another league with a clue takes its place. not quite there (cuz it'd be hard to not have the rangers to cheer for) but close

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