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09-27-2003, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Copper&Blue4Life
LET'S Get Real, How much money do you think the Heritage Hockey Classic tickets are worth? I checked on E-bay and some seats in section who knows 81 are being sold for well over three hundred American for two tickets. I have two tickets which I am going to sell on E-Bay. Here is my question to you all. How much would you spend to make sure you have a seat at probably one of the most historic nights in HOCKEY history, let alone NHL history? Would you spend that amount of money just to freeze your ass off? Give me your thoughts.

As the game gets closer the value of the tickets will probably go up, but you're gambling if you wait until the last week because the weather forecast could really cramp your style.

If it is going to be too cold and windy the game will be moved inside (where there will be 40,000 less seats), and the poor schmuck you sold your ticket to will only get face value back for it.

On the other hand, if you take a chance and the weather is ideal, you could hit a home run.

Personally I'm out of the heritage derby, I'm not spending the money to get a ticket and fly out to Edm and then watch on tv as the game is played in Skyreach (or whatever the new name is).

If I lived in Edm I would personally wait until the weather forecast says "A-OK!!!!!" and then I'd be willing to spend about two hundo on two tix, but there are people who would spend way way more than that I think. I'd say $500 would be easily attainable at that point.

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