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Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
while i agree that the attempt was a failure, i dont necessarilly think it was a big mistake to take a shot at it

i dont really think it hindered his developement elsewhere and many of us, myself included, thought he had more of an offensive upside than he really does
I think it was the wrong time to try and make the adjustment. I still think Staal can be a consistent 30 point d-man, but his defensive prowess is far more important to us than his offense.

Quote: keep this thread about Rosi...has anyone considered the role that Rosival has played in developing Staal? In my opinion Staal is at his best down low, in the corners and behind the goalline, as is Rosi. Staal handles himself like a seasoned pro in those areas of the ice...perhaps Rozsival "took him under his wing" and helped cut down on the learning curve? By all acounts Rosi is a great team guy so this would make sense

I have a feeling that Rozsival played a rather significant role in accelerating Staals development

anyone agree? disagree?
I think Staal makes Rozsival look like a competent defensemen. The same way he makes Girardi look like a #2/3 guy instead of the #4/5 guy he is. Staal has been excellent down low since Juniors. Has Rozsival helped Staal's development? Idk, perhaps, but I don't think he's trying to teach him the ropes more than any other d-man.

My issue with Rozsival is still his battles with consistency. He's playing well as of late, but I don't feel it will last.

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