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03-15-2010, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by 94Obsession View Post
My whole point is that they make this P.R nonsense more important than winning. I NEVER said they have anything to do with each other. I'm saying they make that a priority over winning, or putting out a winning product on the ice. Not saying it has anything to do with winning at all.
If it has nothing to do within their ability to win... why do you even care then?

The players should feel appreciated by their fricking contracts and money that they make.
There's no good business that thinks that way of their employees.

And I never said it has an effect on their ability to win games. Maybe you just don't get it, or get what i'm trying to say? I know what I see, and I go to enough games as it is, sitting up there with a lot of other people that are sick of the very same things I am. I actually saw a video on gardenvision recently waiting for the teams coming out for warmups, and they played this Garden Of Dreams video promoting it. Ok, have no problem with that, but while the guy who's in charge of the Garden Of Dreams was on there talking about it, he said something like "i'm proud to announce that the Garden Of Dreams is the most important thing we do here at the Garden". I was just thinking to myself "what about winning, or putting out a constant winner out there?"
Look at the quote you referenced -- "the most important thing we do here at the Garden". "We" as in that guy and the other people who are employed by the Garden not as Knicks and Rangers players and personnel. The Garden employs a lot of people who have nothing to do with the teams, but with the operation of the Garden. So, maybe that is the most important thing they do -- because nothing they do affects the Rangers in any way. They're not implying the the most important thing Glen Sather or John Tortorella or Chris Drury do is the Garden of Dreams.

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