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03-15-2010, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
The article is tinged with some orange shades, sure, but I think the point is pretty valid.

Duby is a great 3rd line player and I like him a lot, but it's a little irritating to see the shots continue once the refs entered the equation.

Punching him with the jersey over his face? That's fine. That's old school. That's why the tie-down is there.

But once Richie went down and the refs jumped on him and Dubie kept throwing, it steps to that line. I think had he really crossed it, the officials would have called it as such. Could he have shown a little more respect/restraint? Absolutely. Do I think he committed some cardinal sin? Not really. It happens, and these two have some particularly bad blood.

These teams meet two more times this season, and Dubie is a pretty honorable guy. If Richie thinks he needs to avenge those extra shots in what was already a decidedly one-sided fight, I'm sure he'll be obliged. And that should be enough.

Also, I'm surprised Richie didn't toss his helmet like he normally does, but it seems like they jumped to throwing a little too quickly to do it, maybe? They didn't seem to square up much once the gloves were off...
i think this is the most important part of this post - Richards and Dubi seem to genuinely dislike eachother. These guys, who fight much less often than the likes of Carcillo, Lapperieire etc should be held to a different standard because when these 2 fight - it is more raw emotion than business as it is when enforcers go at it

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