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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Did he not show his offensive prowess when playing with Erat and Kariya for two seasons? Did he not make Andreass Johansson a 29 goal scorer?

When you say he's been given chance after chance to show his offensive skill, explain that to me. Who has he played with all year long? Smithson and Ward and when Smithson was out, Thuresson. These are not offensive juggernauts he's playing with.

He played on a line with Erat and Arnott last year and had some good numbers for his short stay before injuries depleted our lineup. Put Arnott with Ward and Smithson for a few games and see what his production becomes.

Legwand started out on an expansion team with no mentors or skill players around him whatsoever. This is probably my biggest complaint with Poile and how he built the team. If you get a talented player, get someone to mentor him. We had no players on this team with any pedigree or experience in winning. Fitzgerald and Johnson were nice role players but were not guys that Legwand was going to learn from. He stepped in and was easily more skilled than these guys. Walker became a good NHL player because of opportunity and hard work but once again, he was a guy that had to earn it. Hartnell was a kid along with Legwand. Trotz took Legwand and molded him the way he wanted him to play. He asks Legwand to produce offensively and gives him offensively challenged linemates. That's like asking Chris Johnson to produce 2000 yards next year with you and me as two of the lineman, it just ain't gonna happen.

Erat and Legwand were decent linemates but other than the seasons they were paired with Kariya, they never had a linemate to compliment their speed, puck handling and skill sets. Once again, this is a roster issue as much as it is a coaching issue. You put guys in a position to succeed or fail and while Legwand's defensive capabilities are near the top of the league, his offense suffers because of what he is forced to play with on a nightly basis.
I just watch him man. IMO, I've seen nothinig special offensively, from year one. And yes, he played alongside Ronning on the first line, with a ton of PP time.

He put up some OK numbers when he played alongside Kariya and Erat, getting 1st line time and a ton of PP time. But, IMO, a lot of it was default points. Just like Krivokrsov got 26 goals, and Kjellberg scored 20. They got the time, they put up some below average 1st line points.

Like I said, I gained more respect in his contract year when he was asserting himself more the offensive zone. Where has that assertiveness gone? It's one of the reasons why his contract is looking pretty bad right now.

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