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03-15-2010, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by 10 ft. pole View Post
I play in a weekly pickup. We have a pretty wide range of skill showing up. Play has gotten really chippy the last few months and there are some repeat offenders. I have been making a few statement hits the last couple weeks due to guys chirping, and crosschecking in front of the net, and boarding me.

Last night I crushed this dude with a hipcheck who had been crosschecking me all night in front of the net. His body crumbled and his stick went flying. Later on in the game he boarded me in our zone pretty good. The very next shift I went into the boards by my teams bench and could have put him over the boards and into the bench area but, I let up and just gave him a bump to seperate him from the puck.

Other players have been doing the same and our scrimmage is starting to get alot of guys looking for payback. It is kind of taking the fun out of the game. We have no refs and no faceoffs or penalties called. We pretty much police ourselves but some of the guys get away with alot of hacking and dirty play. If we hit them they would be seriously hurt due to their lack of being solid on their skates. How do you poilce a guy who you really shouldn't hit? Most of us who went cage/visorless are now sporting visors due to sticks getting up and what not.

Things just seem to be escalating really fast. Have any of you guys ever had this happen. We don't mind the physical play but we want to get the anomosity and the dirty crap out of our game. Any suggetions?

PS: I kind of wished I would have sent that a-hole over the boards last night when I woke up with a stiff back and bruises all over this morning.
Bring it up with your buddies who play. See if they feel the same way. Because I'm sure if you just on your own said something that you would get chirped at pretty bad. If your only playing for fun sure hitting is ok, but some of the dirty stuff aint worth it. Or ya can always bring fighting into your games, just make sure it don't get ya thrown out of the rink or something. Thats how the pros settle issues so I don't see why not even in pickup games. Except it probably don't look good to show up to work with a beat up face.

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