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03-15-2010, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
It's not realistic in a cap world. I mean, if we could poach Vokoun for Hartnell I'd be ecstatic. That's completely unrealistic. Maybe Hartnell + 1st + Prospect. Still, do we really want to give up our 2011 1st, our only one in four years? People will complain about our lack of firsts, but Pronger is a very big reason why we're even where we are. Would Hartnell even waive his NTC for Florida? Probably not. It's a nice thought, but unrealistic.

As for the Flyers with Vokoun being able to pull off an upset...I don't think if we had Vokoun we'd being doing much upsetting. There is no team in the NHL that can compete with the Flyers + Vokoun. None. Every team has their own issues for the exact same reasons I cited above; the exact same reasons the Flyers have issues. It's a league of give and take. No one will ever be perfect.

I'm okay with going back to the drawing board in the offseason as long as we don't do one thing: overpay, whether it be in assets or salary space, for another dime-a-dozen goaltender (by dime-a-dozen I mean everyone not named Lundqvist, Brodeur, Luongo, Vokoun, or Miller).
Well it's unrealistic for us because Holmgren has done a poor job at managing our cap and our assets. I agree that acquiring such a goalie is a pipe dream, but my overall point is that elite goaltending can make a huge difference for us.

No teams are ever going to be perfect, but the well managed teams come darn close to it or at least have their weaknesses completely minimized by their strengths. The Flyers are neither. They sit at 15th in the league which is completely underwhelming compared to the expectations at the beginning of the season. I think it's naive to ignore a chronic weakness in goaltending. Every year we go into the playoffs wondering if it is going to be good enough. At some point it would make sense to put an end to that question. You recognize yourself that this team would be unstoppable if they somehow found that guy.

I don't want them to over pay either, but obviously our opinions differ on what is considered an overpayment. I think the Flyers best chance at getting an elite goalie is going for a young talented goalie with huge upside, but to get one of those guys they will likely have to give up a valuable asset. For you that's an overpayment, for me that's a solid investment in the one position that is an annual weakness for the Flyers.

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