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03-15-2010, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
I think the disconnect here is that I put a lot more stock into the thought that, "the players are the one's ultimately responsible for their own play." I just don't see why these guys who make a ton of money to play a game that they have played in some cases for 20+ years need to rely on another grown man to tell them to try.

I agree with you on a lot of points, I'm surely leaving out some parts of the coach's job and you absolutely have a right to be upset with the coach and the team overall after this season's play. I can agree to disagree regarding what level of responsibility rests on a coach in terms of getting a team to try every night, but on stuff like riding on the bus to NJ and possibly not organizing the parents game, I think Torts is in the right. Also, nobody seems to mention Torts' successes, he promoted Prust who said he'd never been promoted before, that in Calgary they told him he was a fourth line guy no matter what, that's handling a players personality for the best. Prust has been physical, he's been chipping in some assists, he deserved to be promoted, he was and he's proud and more confident. He benched Avery, then Avery won us the next game, we can argue until the end of time that it was or wasn't causal, but I see some A to B logic there and again, that's knowing his players' personalities and using that knowledge to get the most out of them.
First off, thank you for the rational response.

I will clarify a couple of things, from my point of view, in regards to the two paragraphs I quoted.

Good leaders don't tell their group to give it their all and to work hard. Good leaders generally get that out of their groups without saying such things out loud. It shouldn't be necessary to tell them to work hard, although it may be necessary to light a fire sometimes. It's a fine line and, as a manager of people, a very difficult one to walk. I just don't get any sense that Tortorella even bothers with it. That can be fine in the right situation, but it doesn't seem to be working.

About Avery: Tortorella made a very smart move there, no doubt about it. But this is the thing, we've never really seen evidence of him knowing how to try to motivate in any other fashion besides benching. I'm fine with disciplining players, but there's a point in which it loses effectiveness if it's only done in one way.

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