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09-27-2003, 06:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Physical HABuse
As much as I like the almost make them sound like Stanley cup contenders.
On the other hand, who would have thought Anaheim would be there in the finals...that the Wild would have made such a miraculous run...that Florida would have made the finals in one of their first years...etc, etc.

Now, when you're talking about the Habs and the Cup, at least for me, all bets are off, but can anyone here really say with any confidence who the teams from positions 4-8 are going to be? Sure, our team doesn't look so hot now, but it's the preseason which means precisely zero. I believe Czerk scored 11 points for us in the preseason last year and many on this board had him pegged as the regular season scoring champ. He got 14 the entire year.

I don't think this club is nearly as down and out as some of you would make them out to be. And we're for sure not nearly as bad as half the Montreal press would have you believe. And as for the 'hockey experts' on 110%? If Bergeron is such a brilliant hockey person, why isn't he coaching anymore?

If this team pulls together and plays as a single unit under a strict system, then there's no reason we can't 'pull one out of the hat'. Look at the rosters carefully, and I think you might see that there are many teams in relatively close to the same boat.

I mean sure, Boston has a few great scorers, but they'll agree that their defence isn't the best, and they'll absolutely agree when you say their goaltending is suspect, at best. We all know what happens with suspect goaltending... *coughredlightracicotcough*

Perhaps it would behoove Hab fans to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the games for what they are - the next step in a serious rebuilding that has us stocked with rookies who have huge potential.

Sure beats whining.

A concerned fan.

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