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03-16-2010, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by 10 ft. pole View Post
Im gonna try and see if we can get a ref and just take up a collection amongst the boys. Maybe that will help. If it doesn't work me and a couple of buddies are just going to hit up the mens league. I usually am able to keep people off me. Most guys just don't like gettting hit. The other thing that might help is just hitting some of the crappy players and holding them accountable for their sticks and lack of control and running guys. It's not nice but, new players have to learn somehow.

To some of the guys saying pick up is all about skill and appreciating those parts of the game I disagree. Body contact, seperating A man from the puck, and grinding out goals are just as big of a part of the game as fancy dangling. Deflecting a point shot and sloppy rebound goals might not be sexy but, they'll get your blood pumping all the same.

Either way you are playing the game a high stick to the face is gonna **** either player off. Let's keep this going though we are gettng some great stuff here.
All that stuff you mentioned is part of playing a skilled game of hockey, even the dirty goals and using your body for D.

Escalating the physicality for the purposes of intimidation and message-sending is not part of the game at this level. You can fight fire with fire if you want, but everybody is just gonna end up burnt out with the ********. Get everybody together in the locker room. It sounds like you're a guilty party as much as anybody, so you can use yourself as an example with out pointing fingers and say "hey, I'm noticing that some of us are getting carried away out there. I like the intensity, but lets channel it into parts of the game that aren't likely to have some of us missing work". I'm sure a lot of you are counted on to put food on the table.

Good luck with your situation.

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