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03-16-2010, 09:04 AM
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Rec League Team Choices: What to do what to do.....

Hey everyone,

I've just been approached by a division 1 team to play for them for the upcoming season. Last year I played for a Div 2 team and made a lot of friends on it. So at this point I am really trying to mull over which way I should go on this one.

The pro's for staying in Div 2:
Stay with old buds
Be the go-to guy

The pro's for moving up to Div 1:
Much higher skill level
Much shorter bench (more ice time)

I am really wanting to get better at the sport. Div 1 offers the best oppourtunity to do so. But I would feel fairly rotten notifying my old Div 2 team that I would not be joining them 2 weeks before the season began.

Any thoughts on this topic are definitely welcomed. Has anyone been through this style of predicament. As a note, this is rec league hockey and the teams aren't too serious, so both teams would be pretty okay with my decision.


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