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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post

Unfortunately, goaltending is not a chronic weakness when you're as good as pretty much everyone else in the NHL. Every year we have dime-a-dozen goaltending. That's neither an advantage or a disadvantage. This year, because of Emery's injury, we're stuck with someone that is probably less than dime-a-dozen. Regardless of how good we make him look, that's still a fact. This is the first year in a while I consider goaltending an actual weakness.

I also want to take this opportunity to point out a phrase you used: "that guy." A thing that I find interesting with the NHL is that "that guy" is normally who the team feels comfortable with. Though I feel that goaltending is dime-a-dozen, there are differences in ability between those goaltenders however slight. Still, even if Halak was a little better, the Penguins would not trade Fleury for Halak just because of that fact. There is a certain comfort level organizations find with goalies. The players on the ice play better with goaltenders that they feel comfortable with. The Flyers have never found the right goalie at the right price who they (or the team) was absolutely comfortable with. Leighton seems to be showing signs of chemistry with the team, but unfortunately he is not necessarily a talented goalie we should be betting our future on. It's hard to find goalies that meet the right qualifications to become a starter for 4-5 years with an organization through the ups and downs. Usually only the elites are good enough to pull that off.
i love pronger cuz he says things without saying them. asked in the postgame about what happened to thier effort after the first period he says"good question maybe your first" which in reporter speak is "why dont you look into that.

what happened early in the 2nd period against the rangers? leightons 1st goal. its been overshadowed by the charmin one he let go by in the 3rd but i think its alot less the players and specificaly the coach who is comfortable with him in net.

goaltending is more important in the playoffs because momentum is so important in the playoffs. it carries from game to game and breeds the confidence a team needs to be successfull. and nothing can kill your confidence and sap momentum like a soft goal. im the first to agree with you that "elite goaltending' is overhyped but what we have is poor not mediocre and it can really kill us in the playoffs.

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