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Originally Posted by JSTAFF View Post
No, they spend $150 dollars on CD's that shows very small gains in "90 days." Spend that $150 on a personal trainer like say, me, and make some real gains.

Ruvo was benching 95 pounds when we started 2 months ago and he can do 135 10 times already. He only goes twice a week as well.


On sale near you shortly.
Everyone I know who has done p90x pirated it.

I tried to keep up with it once. I lost 15 lbs through the first phase and a half, and then when I came up on finals for my last year of college I fell off the wagon.

I have since been unable to establish the routine, largely because I don't have enough space in my house to do half of the exercises (including plyo).

I'm joining a gym tonight, though, and getting a PT to design me a workout plan. Being at a gym >>>>>>>>> attempting p90x when you can only achieve half your range of motion....

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