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03-16-2010, 02:48 PM
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It really depends on the roller hockey team. My team we try to work on things you do in ice. Crisper but shorter passes, cycling(nobody shoot unless everyone touches the puck) and back-checking. It really translates to ice pretty good so anyone that tries to join we tell them whats up and when they come back from playing ice they say the same thing.

Of course you have the guys that try to cherry pick and try to bring the puck up by themselves. These players you can tell are ice-to roller transplants. They might have the skill to do it and the confidence but in no way does this help their teammates. It also is easier to defend.

To answer the OP's question. I would. Since you are coming back from a Grade 3 concussion you might be a little rusty in the stickhandling department. Not saying you'll be bad but any stickhandling is good stickhandling. Also there is ussually is no contact in roller so you can work on getting into shape(not all the way to be in ice shape) at the same time working on the little things. Just be careful for the guys that think it's funny to put their shoulder into you.

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