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09-27-2003, 07:59 AM
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just talked about Zubrus on the Caps' board...

Zubrus seems most comfortable on RW. He makes a lot of nifty offensive plays when approaching from that angle. He rarely plays RW though because Jagr and Bondra are ahead of him on the depth chart. Bondra jumps around from RW to LW as well (which is also not for the best).

If Bondra were dealt Zubrus could be the 2nd line right winger and I think he'd surprise with his numbers. 30 goals is within his range. And he's excellent defensively. But the Caps' owner has said that Bondra will never be traded so the chemistry is messy up front for Washington.

Marshall: I hope you're wrong about this season (i'm sure you hope the same). I don't see the Caps being any worse than last year (10 games over .500 or so right?) I'm encouraged that Klee is gone. We'll miss Calle. The D will be iffy unless a #2-#3 Dman is added but I don't expect much drop off from last year because they were quite terrible for long stretches on defense then too.