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09-27-2003, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire
No No that articles wrong. He's flying to LA to meet with his agent so he get used to the city he will be playing in next season. :p
He is likely flying in to fire his agents. Discussions will go like this:

H: "So what is the state of the contract talks?"
W: "Nothing happening, they don't want to give you a good deal since you have no leverage. We have to wait them out."
H: "Wait for what?"
W: "Wait for them to change their minds."
H: "And what will it take for them to change their minds?"
W: "Don't know, perhaps a lot of injuries will occur."
H: "With their depth that's not likely. So if that doesn't happen, what then?"
W: "Then you may sit out the whole season."
H: "Then what?"
W: "Then there is the lockout, which we think will last a year or two."
H: "Then what?"
W: "Then we have contract talks under the new CBA."
H: "Won't I have even less leverage then?"
W: "Yes, but they will know you are serious about sitting out."
H: "So then I may have to sit out another season?"
W: "Well, until they change their minds."
H: "So your plan is for me to maybe sit out the whole season, then wait out the lockout, then maybe sit out some more?"
W: "It may not be that bad, we hope they will change their minds."
H: "Wait for them to change their minds? I'm changing agents."

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