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Originally Posted by 10 ft. pole View Post
I don't play dirty so your assumption would be incorrect. Making a clean hit to counteract a dirty play is fair game in all of the leagues I have played in. My question is where is it's place in pickup. Hockey is hockey and it seems there are some of the same problems at all levels. Does a stick in your face mean less if you are a beer leaguer or an NHLer? Why would a clean hit be uncalled for in the same manner as a dirty hit. We are not talking about intent to injure. We are talking about teaching guys boundries in hockey.

Teaching someone the boundaries of the game is not done through physical violence. I agree that it is especially annoying when you play with inexperienced players who hack and slash. There are way better ways to address the problem than to smash a guy back. I'm not too sure what leagues you've played in, but "making a clean hit to counteract a dirty play" has never been fair game in any league i've played in from the time I finished Junior B.

A hit that seems fair to you really isn't fair at all to the recipient if he has no idea that it's coming. If it's established in your weekly game that contact is legal, by all means. But to hit a guy in a manner that would be clean by full contact hockey standards, but which the recipient can't brace himself and prepare for, is totally improper.

This isn`t the show; it ain`t about retribution or sending messages or policing by being a tough guy. This is a problem I see time and time again in recreational mens leagues, and it takes all the fun out of playing. Too many guys want to mimic the brand of hockey they see on tv every night, whether it be by dangling like Ovechkin, yapping likes Avery, or running a guy like Cooke.

My advice I mentioned earlier stands. Deal with it verbally in the locker room before the game, or find another place to play that suits your interests better. That being said, the stick work of which you complain happens EVERYWHERE. Sad but true.

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