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03-16-2010, 08:55 PM
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New, hockey dumb, but a true fan

So I live in WI & I've been a Giants fan forever. I was never a huge hockey fan, never played, but was a casual fan. In '94 I learned that Richter played @ UW & became a Rangers fan. Obv it was the right time to get on board as I followed right through the Cup. Throughout the next few years I proudly wore NYR hats & jerseys & watched when they happened 2 be on nat'l tv. After awhile I lost touch with the NHL & didn't really follow. I began working in Chicago in Sept & all of the Blackhawks hype got me interested in hockey again. I started following them a bit & got more & more into hockey. The Olympics sealed the deal & I've been really following close. I wasn't going to buy the package 4 the last 20 games but I've watched NYR when I could & Ive been lurking here 4 2 weeks. Two great things happened 2 my hockey viewing abilities this week 1-VS came back to DTV 2- I figured out that they don't blackout the NYR games replays on my MSG.

Long story short I'm pretty naive to hockey & may say dumb things or ask odd questions but Ill be here everyday looking to learn & soak up all topics. So be gentle if I do something dumb guys lol. I'll prolly be missing from most GDTs cuz I'll be watch dvr'd replays late or next day.

Any good place 2 read about basic hockey strategy?

ps-very excited 2 find out 2 top prospects are current Badgers

pss-I will school everyone here in Giants talk!!! Lol


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