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03-16-2010, 10:37 PM
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I would talk to the guy after a questionable hit. Say something like "Hey I don't mind a little physicalness here and there but you need to tone it down". If he says something go to one of his teammates and tell them to ask to tone it down(If he sees his teammates asking him to tone it down, it might look better than from someone on another team.) If he continues to do it then you might need to talk to the guy that rents the rink and tell him whats up and ask him not to bring him.

If none of that is working, look for other times to rent the rink and create your own pickup game there.

In my case(I rent the rink) when we have games going on I know who I can go after a little more, and certain guys know when they can take a shot at me. However, if two guys that have never played against each other start running each other, I just go to each guy regardless who's on my team and tell them to just tone down the hitting, we're here to get better not kill each other. Usually if you play against the same guys, the ones who talk to you as a man are usually ones that are respected and listened to.

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