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03-17-2010, 01:10 AM
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Well... Thanks to your help and the help of the people around I got a bunch of autographs.

First, I saw Christenson (sp) come in. I didn't know it was him and missed the autograph. He took pictures with some girls and went in.

Then I saw Plekanek. Thanks to the beers we drank on the way in I yelled "WHO IS HE?" as he was standing a few feet away... Needless to say, I didn't get his autograph. (Although I didn't try!)

I was told to try the other entrance so I headed to the opposite side of the security booth to try my luck.................

I was speaking to some people before someone pointed out Gilroy. I caught up with him and he signed my ticket. My friend spoke to him for a few minutes about a deli they both go to...

Then I saw Dubi (who caused me to miss AA, W/e, Dubi>AA). He signed my ticket but didn't say much. Rushed in after signing everything.

After I saw Henrik but because I ran into Gilroy all the way to the side (who is awesome) I missed Hank who signed like 10 things and went in.

Then I saw Rozi who talked to everyone... joked around. All around good guy.

After that we went down to the Pizza place in Penn and had a lot of beer and headed over to the game. We were told after the game a bunch of players come out of the lobby so we went to a strip club for an hour and then headed over. lol.

We talked to Dancing larry and his counsin for about an hour before Boyle/MDZ came out. We got both their signatures and that capped it off for the night. We told them to keep up the good work and they seemed to be thankful for the support. I told Boyle I love the 4th line and how him and Prust/Shelley were doing a great job and he told me thought so as well.

All in all, it was a great day. Got a bunch of signings and had a good time. My record at regular season games still is intact as I have not been to a game the Rangers where they have won in over three years.... Yes, it is depressing.
Yes, you read that correctly... No I don't know the reason why.

(If your wondering I am probably 0-10-3)(1-0 during the playoffs )

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