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03-17-2010, 03:01 AM
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If Poile could guarantee that this team could make it to the conference finals every 6-7 years and suck completely for the middle 3-4 years in-between, which would be a fantastic result that any GM would say "where do I sign", Poile would have to be the one GM to not sign because by the end of the 3 or 4 years of sucking wind the attendance would drop so far that the team would be headed for greener pastures instead of him having a few more years to show that his gambles indeed would pay off in another conference final.

That's probably why Poile slightly overpaid and made his bed with Erat and Legwand. Those are both solid Predator hockey guys. He knew with them in the fold and his massive defensive prospect base he'd at least have an average team.

Poile is terrified of a bad slump. This franchise cannot do it. And after missing the playoffs one year, two years is a bad slump by Poile standards, when your entire m.o. has been to play safe enough to have a good shot at the playoffs. I believe that's why he rolled the dice by NOT moving our assets at the trade deadline. He knows we need to make the playoffs. Sure he wants to make us strong enough to get to round two, which maybe Grebs and Boyd will help do, but first and foremost he had to get us to the playoffs.

Maybe we will make the playoffs, maybe we won't, but I am ecstatic to have Poile as our GM right now. Even though I also called him Stand-Pat Poile in the past with some others. But the fact is he did a great job overcoming a lot of adversity with the ownership, and guys he picked off the gutpile are helping us out. And his strengthening us for this year by NOT moving assets, plus picking up two useful players for picks, is as risky as he could realistically be, and I was glad to see it. Hopefully now the players will get it done. I think they will. Making the playoffs will send us into the offseason in better shape with less adversity. I even think we could advance. We have a good team. Poile rolled the dice this year. It may not look like it but he did. In Nashville you can't roll for the 1 in 6 shot, you have to roll for the 1-2 shot with lower rewards but lower pain of failure.

But none of that means we won't advance in the playoffs now or in the future. I think with just a little stability, which we may have now, and the solid base Poile has built, we could someday advance to a finals or a cup. Why not? I think he and Trotz are capable. It hasn't been a really good environment to build great teams, but they did once build a very solid team, that got injured, and also boned by the refs, and I think they can do it again, with more depth to survive injuries. We'll see. But I finally feel better about the future of hockey in this town. We survived the founding owner messing it all up for a bit.

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