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03-17-2010, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
There is no question that David Poile is not a good asset manager when it comes to the trade market. The Forsberg trade is one of the largest packages given for any player in recent memory and it was for an aging star, who even then, had very real ankle injuries. I didn't mind that trade as much due to Peter Forsberg being my favorite player. WIth that said, the amount we gave up - it is simply incredible. You can go down the list and see assets that have been mismanaged. We rarely trade prospects - they either flounder, make it on to the Predators, or go to other leagues. Where would we be had we traded prospects like Kulyah, Glazachev early on? If we had moved Peverly or Santorelli or guys of their elk before they get waived or appear like busts? Do we hold on to long? Yes. I think we do. Are my examples small - yes. I am simply trying to illustrate the passivity of Poile's decision making. He waits. He holds on. He doesn't take many risks.

In Poile's defense, when you have low finances, you have to minimize risk. You have to hang on to draft picks and prospects. You need cost certainty, and the only way for us to have that is to have a constant influx of talent.

Poile has been an absolutely fabulous drafter the past 5-7 years. His defensive hit or miss rate is just unbelievable. I went over it in the prospects thread, but it must be the best in the NHL. It is simply stunning. When the Nashville Predators draft a defenseman, you can almost write it down that he is going to make the NHL or exceed draft expectations.

So what is the problem?

We need that scorer. We need a little creativity. Watching Peter Mueller go wild for the Avalanche is killing me. Watching Phil Kessel in Toronto is killing me. Watching Wolski in Phoenix is killing me. All three of these young goal-scorers were available. All three could have been acquired using our assets. The Kessel deal - I will give a pass because of the Toronto situation. I am not going to so much for the WOlski/Mueller situation. The simple truth is - if a young scorer was required to make a deal for either, we have the pieces to go out and get really any player in this league. If we need to make a three team trade to get the player we want, then the time to do that is now. It appears that Wilson was our fall-back plan, and it is working out well, so again, take my words as only minor criticism. I felt the trade deadline was one of Poile's best. I ultimately think we will regret not moving Ellis, and I suspect Hamhuis walks/Grebeshekov is traded. With that said, he improved our club without giving up much at all, and both players will be Predators for multiple years if we so choose. Still, with the assets we have, it is pretty incredible how year in and year out, we never use them to our advantage.

Lastly, Trotz's system needs a number 1 goalie. Our goalie fiasco the past couple of years has really hurt us IMO. If we had Vokoun right now, I think we are sitting pretty at 4th/5th in the West. As it stands, we are struggling for consistency. Let us hope that Rinne has finally recaptured his form from last season. Last night was definitely a great start.

OK, I still dont buy the "trade not made" argument.

You cant assume poile could have got a trade done if he's just wanted to or been more adept. The fact that Kessel, Mueller and Wolski moved does not mean we could have got them. As Slake pointed out, Kessel didnt want to play here, and we cant control that.

Wolski and Mueller were only going to get swapped for assets because both players were from playoff teams.

And IIRC, Polie signed Vokoun to a deal that would have had him here except for the Leipold fiasco.

and the Forsberg trade was a pretty high price but really have we missed Upshall? or Parent? I think the answer to both is, no not really...

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