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03-17-2010, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
Poile has always been the trade not made guy PredV. You may not buy it, but it is very real. I used those three examples simply to illustrate the point that young scorers were on the market and were available to other teams. I already conceded on Kessel, but I still think the point remains. A more creative, aggressive GM, could have made a trade. If not this year at the deadline, certainly in the off-season or in the years past. Poile, to be blunt, is not that guy. He will never be that guy. I hold no illusions on this issue, it sounds like you still do.
I dont necessarily WANT poile to be that guy, because more often than not, those bold moves dont work out.

On XM radio the Phoenix GM said they werent going to move Mueller unless they got basically a similar asset in return. So we'd have had to probably trade Wilson or Hornqvist for Meuller. Not going to happen, and wouldnt have solved anything. And I am certain that Colorado wasnt going to trade Wolski for picks or prospects when Mueller was available.

There are times in a franchises histroy when trades would be nice but arent crucial..... during those times you make the deal if it makes sense but you dont get foolish. Then there are times when a team really needs a trade..

Looking back on the history of the franchise, there were really only two times when the team truly NEEDED a trade. One was trying to get over the hump for that first playoff spot. And Poile got Sully for 2 2nd rounders... a steal..

the second was when we looked like we had a legitimate shot at the cup... and he made the deal and got forsberg. didnt pan out, but he still got the deal done

At any other time in the teams history, a well timed trade might have made us slightly better, but there really hasnt been an opportunity to make us a "next level" team, most recently because we have spent the last 2 years recovering from the fire sale.

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