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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
LA is over 350 miles away from the Bay Area. (It's almost the same distance between Nashville and Columbus, amusingly enough.) But your other point stands just fine.

(And yes, I remember that largely because of one memorable idiot who seemed to think that Wayne Gretzky was the only reason "southern" markets survived, and that was his justification for the Bay Area. He didn't take it well when I pointed out how close Nashville is to St. Louis... )
Oh i realize the distance and other comparable distances but they are in the same state at least. I would even say if Atlanta would have been able to hold on to the Flames and wound up with Gretzky the effect in Nashville would have been major. Though not in the same state it's a comparable distance and a southern city that Nashvillians can relate to. Just look at the love affair with the Braves in middle tn.
Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
I'll admit, I can't really speak from the where the bulk of SJ's in-house is coming from. But it really doesn't matter. Only reason I brought it up is b/c some of people clamoring for an example of an expansion team that did better than us in the 1st 10 years.

I think the Preds have the potential to fill the barn on a nightly basis-- see our first two years here. But the fickle Nashville crowd, combinded with a non-traditional market, will make it hard if we don't anything in the playoffs.
I guess for me the problem is still market size....the Sharks were never afraid to spend money because of market size and the ridiculous amount .com/tech money flowing through that city at the time.

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