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02-05-2005, 09:30 PM
Burberry Manning
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway
The players are expendable? This league is hurting now but with a salary cap and scab players it's going to make it thrive? People come to see the players. This league isn't doing well with the Jagrs, Sakics, Kovalchuks, Gaboriks, etc. but its going to thrive and make the owners money without them. Don't see that to be the case.

Lastly defend the owners all you want. But first ask yourself how you would respond to the following situation:

1) Your boss comes to you and says that he is not going to let you work.
2) He then says that if you want to work you have to agree to never make more than a certain ammount.
3) He tells you that he needs to do this because he wants to make sure that he will not lose money.
4) You tell him that you will come to work and take a 24% salary cut.
5) He tells you no, you still can't work.

Who's being unreasonable now?
Hmmm. Sounds like the airline industry right now. If my company or industry was getting hammered then I certainly would be smart enough to realize that I better take a pay cut or my company needs to change their fiscal policy. It's really not a difficult desicion. So my company is losing money rapidly at the current rate, they are my only reasonable option for employment, I've made well over a reasonable value for my services in the past so I'm pretty well off, and if I don't accept my boss' new offer than I wont be getting ANY money at all. So I offered to cut back my current salary 24%, knowing that inflation and the current free market will have me back to my previous salary within 3 years. Is it any suprise that it got thrown back in my face?! So the ultimatum from the top is a salary within a fixed range or I'm out of a job altogether. Geez, so instead of me making 200,000 a year with bonuses, I can either accept the new demands of 150,000 a year or have no job at all. Not too hard of a choice.

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