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Originally Posted by BelHabs View Post
As a Habs fan, aren't you getting used to this by now? I've seen things called against the Habs over the years that I've never seen called against anyone else. One quick example that comes to mind is that penalty shot against us in sudden death overtime in the playoffs against Pittsburgh. Or how about putting us 2 men down in that famous Therrien escapade (Koivu later said that Therrien hadn't said anything - the rude comment came from the stands behind the Montreal bench).

I don't know why but I think many refs are biased against the Habs. I know every fan thinks the refs are biased against their team but I didn't notice this bias against Team Canada, for example, and I was sticking up for them also. Years ago, Red Storey had to quit NHL refereeing because he wouldn't back down on a comment he made about refereeing bias.
Doesnt help that the main official recruitment pool for advancement to the AHL comes from the GTA. A good friend of mine was an official in the OHL and he said unless you knew someone or was from the Toronto area you werent getting a sniff at advancing to any other level...apparently its extremely political.

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