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03-17-2010, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by felixd View Post
I think it's best to start off with 3 rounds. After we see how the 3rd one goes, we can decide if it's worth going a 4th. These mock drafts tend to taper off in the last rounds, if I remember right from the one last year, the 3rd round was much slower to pick. Which really sucks for the people running this(thanks again Habsfan18) and for the people who are serious about it. If you sign up, make sure you'll be on enough to post reasonably quickly.
Yeah, that may be the best way. Start off with 3 rounds, and then go from there.

One thing we'll have to decide though, is how we're doing the picks. Do we ignore all of the trades that involved picks so each team will have 1 selection in every round? Or, do we make it more realistic and include all of the trades? That way will be a bit tougher, since we won't have the exact order..considering the playoffs will still be going on. If we go one pick per team each round, we would just use standings to determine order in the later rounds. Not sure if you guys would want a snake format or not.

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