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03-17-2010, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Thepainter View Post
Any long time Sharks fan should not feel optimistic. We have seen this all before and have seen the same thing year after year after year. Ever since camp, I knew this team did not have it. You can just tell they don't. I defended Joe against all those Boston fans who laughed. But... they were all right.

This core continues to prove they don't have it. Get rid of them before they corrupt Pavs, Seto and McGinn.
If Joe is moved, I'll be curious to see who they replace him with. I don't think Pav's is ready to fill Joe's shoes, and sticking Couture there would just be wrong. Patty could move back to center I guess, but he's better at wing.

Would DW (if he's still around) stick with Pav's/Couture as top 2 centers and see how it goes. Or would he make a play for Savard or similar.

I would take Savard in a second over Joe. He's not as good, but he's faster, works harder, is younger, and cheaper. Not sure who else may be available.

Of course, the other question is, what kind of return could you get for Joe?

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