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09-27-2003, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by oh_canuck
I dont understand why people think its a personal attack on them if a player wants to negotiate a contract by holding out. What do you care how much money he makes its hockey its supposed to be fun, go out enjoy the games and pray that the oilers can ice a high skilled team as possible and this would most definately include comrie...neither side is in the wrong, in this negotiation. It will come to a conclusion in due course so everyone should forget about it.

I cant understand how a player goes from the penthouse to the outhouse in such short order (ooops yes I do Clueless dolts who have no clue).

In my opinion there is to much jealousy on these boards.
Its not personal boys its just sports

Oh I don't know. I think Oilers fans are pretty realistic in regard to contract negotiations. Having been threatened by previous ownership on a quarterly basis, Oilers fans have come to look at the big picture. Remember those Pocklington press conferences pressuring every level of government? Or that goof that came in to look at the books?

Personally, I'd rather see the 1.5 go to the ownership group than a kid who's to big for his britches. The ownership group are the heroes around here imo.

Comrie? Seen it, done it, didn't buy the t-shirt. Too much.

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