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03-17-2010, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
the issue is not [and never was] getting 'comcast cable on satellite' - what are YOU smoking?
Do you seriously only see what you want to see? I didn't say anything of the sort. If you read past my first sentence, you would know that I was not suggesting anybody was getting "comcast cable on satellite." In fact, I said that was inherently impossible. Read the rest of the post and then maybe we can have an intelligent discussion.

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post

the issue has always been:

a Comcast customer moves from Philly to a new city:

has comcast cable, internet , phone
has watched CSN from his home town for years
cannot get CSN from his home town on Comcast Cable in his new city

he is not a customer of any other company besides comcast.

if he was originally from another city, he'd have other options = unequal treatment.
Actually, no, Bernie, the issue has not always been that. You're conveniently changing your story. There are about a hundred examples in the other thread where you keep on referencing Comcast customers who also have satellite:

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974
Can Comcast customers in DC get CSN via satellite ? Yes.

Can Comcast customers in Philly get CSN via satellite ? No.
Be that as it may, my points in my previous post remain and are valid. Perhaps one day you'll actually read my entire post instead of stopping after a fraction of it.

And now since we have an expert chiming in, I'm going to suggest that he knows more about what the FCC allows as far as the broadcasting rights of RSNs go than you and I do combined.

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