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03-17-2010, 11:41 PM
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That sucks! And I could barely hear them even though I was literally about 6 feet away because I was behind them. Dave and Buster's is so great about their seating (NOT) that they seat people who could care less right up front in the prime spots leaving only booths/tables 100 feet away where I can't even see. We got the very last table available on the upper deck behind the players because a birthday party was reserved for up there.

I really just like how Blackstone actually acts like they appreciate the players coming and doing a radio show whereas D&B seems to act like it's a nuisance. I feel like no one is listening as opposed to Blackstone where the entire back room is intently listening to the show. A couple times ago, the staff at D&B even had the nerve to apologize for the "noise" and said "it's a little loud in our dining area because of that radio show, sorry." We just gave her a dead pan look, while holding our hockey memorabilia and wearing Preds jerseys. I was like "way to be supportive, we're here for that 'noise.'"

Okay sorry about the rant.

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