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02-06-2005, 04:46 AM
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i was fortunate enough to be at the game and it was insane. I was in the lower corner seats so my view of some of the fights werent the greatest. This is my first time recapping fights so i apologize for any poor descriptions but here it goes:
WELLER vs. WALSH- scrum right in front of my involving orr and another hartford player and then at center ice weller and walsh are talking. they drop the gloves and walsh attempt 2 rights but they dont land and then weller throws a couple that dont seem to do much damage then they fall and its over. edge to weller in a crappy fight.

Steve MacIntyre vs. Colton Orr- Orr lays a check on a hartford player in front of the benches and gives the player and extra shove and then MacIntyre comes in and throws about 5 rights at Orr. As soon as this happens the refs come in and break it up. My view of the fight was very poor so maybe someone else could give a better description. I would have to give this a win to MacIntire for throwing the only punches of the fight but he did get jump Orr and Orr had no time to reply because the refs were there right away.

Dyment vs. Murray- This fight happened right in front of me. starts in the crease and dyment lands maybe one punch then murray comes back with about 7 landing flush. they wrestled a bit then murray lands about 10 more. easy win Murray

Boyes vs. Lundmark- lundmark give boyes a shove and boyes drops the gloves and starts hammering lundmark. they then go against the boards and boyes throws about 5 more punches at lundmark. win boyes

Cuthbert vs Leach- starts by a big open ice hit by dallman on cuthbert. cuthbert gets up looking to fight and he sees leach. cuthbert throws a right at leach and he goes down to a knee. He gets up and continues to fight though by throwing about 5 rights. i would have to give this fight to cuthbert though for that first punch that knocked him down. win cuthbert

Jayme Filipowicz vs. Ryan Hollweg- didnt see

ORR vs. MacIntyre round 2- the fight everyone as looking for and they did not let us down. Hollweg and filipowicz are in the corner in a scrum and MacIntyre is by the blue line. I think Orr came off the bench because he made a bee line for MacIntyre. They talk and the gloves come off. They go toe to toe for about 15 seconds then they tie up. Steve is using his size advantage and is keeping orr at bay while throwing rights. Orr is throwing uppercuts and missing. Orr then gets his footing and drills Steve with the hardest punch of the fight to the side of Steves head. He stays up though and keep uses his reach to keep him away again. Orr then trys to throw punches but they all are landing on the shoulder pad area. They tie up again and the refs come in. This was a great long fight and i would have to call it a draw.

Walsh vs. Taylor- On the face off after the orr fight they drop them and theres a long square off. Walsh goes in to get in close but taylor hold him off and throws about 3 rights and they fall down. Win Taylor

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