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09-27-2003, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Bohologo
Agreed. But not necessarily dire consequences. Perhaps Lowe is tightening up the ship to a model more like the one seen in New Jersey, where it's notoriously One Way or The Highway.

Jersey GM Lou L. has shipped any number of players who think they're bigger than the crest on the jersey: Arnott, Sykora, Guerin, et al, and this policy hasn't hurt the Devils' competitiveness. (Not to mention surviving the losses of Mogilny, Danton, and Holik.) If anything, it has reinforced that their club will do anything to win. It's a good trait to be more attached to winning, and less attached to any one style or player.

We need guys on the ice who fit the culture of the Oilers organization, and that's up to Lowe to determine, not a kid who's never won anything at this level.
The New Jersey model is T R A P (rhymes with?). Minnesota plays the same way and as everyone knows who goes to those games it's B O R I N G. From the fans perspective hockey is supposed to be entertaining.