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03-18-2010, 02:01 AM
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Kimmerly #18, Peel #20

Kimmerly is senior. Kimmerly is an average skater, Peel is a slightly above average skater. Kimmerly is a little loose on calls, Peel average. Limited game control issues for Kimmerly, none for Peel. A little score calling from Kimmerly, none from Peel. Peel tends to swallow the whistle in the third, Kimmerly not at all. No home advantage from either. Peel is average on safety, Kimmerly has a poor safety rating. Peel is average in calls generating 5on3's, Kimmerly is reluctant.

Review notes:
Apparently supervision took note of Kimmerly's safety record. He has been overly aggressive on safety in two recent games that I have seen.

Greg Kimmerly #18

Tim "Banana" Peel #20

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