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03-18-2010, 03:20 AM
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I believe that if you create the need for more german players (scarcity) the clubs will eventually have to develop more and subsequently better hockey players but that is only if you limit the option of naturalizing canadians.

many people argue that the national team is naturalizing players in order to improve - kind of like it happens in football. But it's actually the clubs reacting to the already existing scarcity.
by creating more scarcity the clubs will choose the easiest option which is naturalizing. of course the easiest option is usually not the most sustainable. It's in the nature of the clubs to think short-termed and not care about sustainability. So limiting the allowed amount of foreigners has to go along with reducing the possibility of undermining that rule by naturalizing.

I also believe that the situation of german players has improved in the last few years at least as much that there could already be a reduction to 8 foreigners without a significant loss in quality.

Of course there are many other issues that have to be adressed as well (for example rule interpretation of the referees, better coaching on the youth level, more professionalism at the DEB) but starting with just one is better than not starting at all.

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