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03-18-2010, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by WalkmanX View Post
Hey Guys, thought id join up for the forum, iv actually been reading since the beginning of the season. Since the playoffs are around the corner i thought I'd join up. So Since its my first post i thought it would be nice if I'd introduce myself. Probably a long read but bear with me

So here goes

Name: Kristjan
Country: Estonia
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Fav. NHL Team: Predators DoH

So how i got into the American sports and hockey, well first of all, we don't get much American sports here on TV, what we did get was around 2004 i started watching nascar and i still do, then around 2006 i started watching NFL witch i still do aswell .

Then in 2008 one of my friends who had been following NHL for quite a while got me into NHL, well I'm one of those people that when i watch a sport i got to root for someone. So i was on the page looking at the team logos and the names and Nashville Predators stood out to me name and logo loved it. it was just around the time of the playoffs and the first full NHL games i actually watched was the '08 Playoff series against Detroit and well from then on i was a Preds fan. Next year i was in the army for a year (mandatory here). So i wasn't able to watch any games but i followed the results and since the start of the season iv seen every game (not the blacked out ones )

How do i watch games, well since most of the games are on in the middle of the night, gotta download the games the next day and watch them then, although the early games i am able to watch on feeds.

Hmm.. so what else favorite players at first when i watched the '08 series were Erat and Ellis. Now well i still like Erat but he has some flaws, Weber and Suter of course and when Rinne is playing good he is very decent. Also impressed with Wilson and Hornqvist aswell.

Oh and don't worry I'm not a bandwagon fan, if i choose a team i stick with them in the highest of highs and lowest of lows

So if anyone has any questions or anything fire at will
Welcome!! You've picked the right team!

We look forward to when you can make it over and catch a game in haven't had the full experience until you've done so!


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