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02-06-2005, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by NYRGoalieGlut
Yeah my owner is telling me that I'll be making millions of dollars but not as many millions of dollars as b4 for playing a game 2 and a half hours a day (not counting intermission), at most two consecutive days. Oh the horror! Sure, it's a physical game where I can get injured, but so can a construction worker, so can a police officer, or a fire fighter, how much do they make? Oh and in my field other sports have a salary cap, why r we above it? I used to be for the players, because they have compromised a bit and the owners haven't. However, I started thinking, why can the NFL and NBA have a cap, but the NHL can't (not sure about the type of cap, but nevertheless a cap)? Also I've always been annoyed w/ greedy players thinking that it's a crime that they make 5 million dollars instead of 10. Maybe that's a big difference, but think about it. 5 million dollars! Who wouldn't want that here?
Sure it sounds illogical to make millions to play a game for 2 and half hours a day three or four times a weeks for 6 or so months but that is the job. And they are the best there is that do that job. And they are entitled to make all they can.

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