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02-06-2005, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by AG9NK35DT8
Well hockey is hockey and the problem is these guys make in the millioins and sports players are over paid to begin with but, I myself am also a UNION employee and I dont agree with scab labor but after a hard day of being outdoors in -10 below zero weather when i get home I want to watch hockey. so be it scab or not if its hockey i will watch.

Now with the thing you said about being a union employee. Now I am in Local 45,which is the Carpenters Union. I will be quicker to support the local trade Unions for example Plumbers local #1, Steamfitters local #638, Electricians local #3<~~~ cry babies, Tin knocker's local #28, any Teamsters union etc you get my point .The hockey players union has no relationship with what i do for a living, so they dont help support me, so in a sense we are both unions but 2 complete different worlds. Union is union yes but there situation is a bit different than the avg guys.

Just to let you know im taking some welding classes and a discussion came up about Unions and i dont know what you do but all of NY is less than 30% UNION which is not cool at all. So when you see that NON-UNION Construction job going report it o any union .I know I rat out NON_UNION at the drop of a dime, do the same.Remeber its always important , I go to every Union meeting once a month if we dont keep Unions strong then we have nothing.

What Local Union are you from?
Teamsters local 812. Soft drink and brewery workers. I agree that the NHLPA has nothing in common with us, but the principal of the matter is the same. I work for coca cola, a giant company if there ever was one. Last contract, they manipulated their way into forcing the new drivers to become commision based. I am an hourly employee, I get paid while waiting to check in my truck, verifying my load, adjusting it etc. I was against that contract because , to be fair , I feel all drivers deserve the same compensation regardless when they came on board. Their big argument was that they could not afford to compensate drivers in the same way any more. THAT WAS the BIG LIE that they used as a scare tactic to pass the contract. Now that they have these commision based drivers, who do you think gets the tight routes and short travel to their delivery areas? So now when our next contract comes up, they will try to force commision down everyones throat! They can produce numbers to justify that their system works, but they aren't real numbers since the commision routes are specifically targeted to produce big numbers. In the meantime, this company is still very poorly managed and operated, and they talk the talk(putting our people first) but they sure don't walk the walk! They continue to seasonally lay off drivers and warehouseworkers, while bumbling on in management, and having no corresponding layoff in management. I've rambled far too long off topic already, but you get my point hopefully. The NHL has done a magnificent job of manipulating a report, not an audit, to justify their stance in this lockout. And for all you pro ownership folks, think about all the players whose careers barely even get off the ground and they are tossed aside and forgotten like a piece of spoiled meat. The physical toll on most NHL players over time, can not be over looked as to their amount of compensation. These players are gifted athletes who burn bright and fast for a very short time in the scheme of life, so to compare them to a regular job really isn't fair. Many live their entire lives in pain and on medication. I agree that a select few are making an obscene amount of money, but the vast majority, will never make enough from hockey to never work again, and that same vast majority are the guys in the trenches, takingone for the team, only to live in constant pain after their careers are over. Any player who crosses the line would be an absolute fool.

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