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03-18-2010, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by DubiSnacks17 View Post
If you've seen recent 3D movies, you'd see the difference compared to the old school ones. The old 3D made stuff just come flying out at you and was very cheesy. Today's 3D adds another dimension to film, allows you to see things with a depth and quality that are more lifelike than anything you've seen before on a screen. In fact, 3D movies today, hardly even have anything flying out at you anymore.

I haven't seen Avatar yet, but that's one of the prime examples. Disney's A Christmas Carol also was excellent for this technology. Disney & Pixar's Up, and various other movies out there.
Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
New 3D technology is much different than the cheesy plastic 3D glasses/effects many of us grew up with....

THe problem right now is that no one has these sets and most people already upgraded to flat panels so they won't be in the market for these new sets any time soon.... It will probably be at least 18-24 months years before 3D technology is more common in the average household....
Does it look "real" though? I understand that technology has improved quite a bit, but I just can't imagine it adding much to the experience, at least in regards to watching live sports. I could be wrong though...last 3D thing I saw was My Bloody Valentine.


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