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03-18-2010, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by The Mouth View Post
Listen whether you like the press as a coach you have to be professional. it's part of your job. You cant be a jackass to them.

Torts is the only conduit to the outside world to the media and Ranger fans and he acts totally unprofessionally concerning the beat reporters.

The NY Press traditionally will run you out of town and Brooks is leading that witch hunt, just hoping that torts continues to fail, so he can pile on. Torts has made their life insufferable.

For a coach who criticizes players (Avery, Dubinsky) about acting like a pro he sure doesn't act like one in a lot of areas.

The media guys cant wait for the season to end because Torts has sucked all the life out of covering the Rangers.

They have been thrown out of countless media sessions because someone asked "the wrong question" and its not always Brooks that asks the question that torts doesn't like.

These guys have to write something about the rangers almost every day and when you have a Owner, GM and coach that are totally inaccessible it makes your job a nightmare and Brooksie right or wrong is lashing out.

Torts brought this on himself now he has to own it.
Awesome post Mouth. While I don't wanna see the guy fired (I want Slats gone) I have not cared for the disrespect he gives these guys covering the team. I am proud of Brooks for sticking up to that guy, he has the most balls out of all the guys who ask him questions, Stan too who I never cared for till this season. This kind of stuff might fly in Tampa but shouldn't here in New York.

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