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02-06-2005, 12:52 PM
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My Definition of LINKAGE

In the players proposal they offered a 24% rollback .. That acknowledges a problem and they offered a solution ..

We all agree this is right but does not fix the problem alone by its action ..

Then the players offered a Luxury tax penalty for Salaries above a certain figure .. That to me is by definition a Soft Cap .. and those fines can go to the small-market teams to help them with costs ..

Then you fix the system that is giving you the most problems .. Salary Arbitration and Qualifying offers to players at 110% ..Forces highly inflationary uncontrolable and unpredictable results and are the problem when talking cost certainlty as they reward poor performance financially..

These are the two things that need to be addressed MOST .. in order to get the players proposal to work in principle .. If you could come up with a system that puts real limits or drags on Salary increases then that does work going forward with a 1 time correction ..

Linkage is complete BS ..from a players point of view and really a whole different animal for discussion here .. The Owners know this lockout which they are in control of is going to drive fans away in droves .. They are considering shortening the season from 82 to 70 games perhaps .. These things are seriously going to effect the future Revenue of the owners ... Bettman wants the players to be linked to that downward and fully expected result by both sides..

Yet by agreeing and sharing in the burden all the things that generate revenue moving forward like Ticket Prices, Big TV contracts, Revenue sharing, Marketing and promotion, or even team make-up that generate fan support and increase attendance are all out of their control and they have no say AND REALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A CBA.. IMO ..

All they can do is agree to play for lower salaries in the future and score goals on the ice .. the rest is up to the owners to work out and LINKAGE to the players is a deal killer as I said because it holds them accountable for Owners business decisions which they do not control or as I pointed out are really not even NEGOTIATED in the CBA talks..

My Definition of LINKAGE

Isn't that like saying the players get 55% of Revenue of what we do in the future ..Sign here

..... but we have no idea what those decisions to create revenue are in the future nor do we want your opinion in the matter no less.

If we make bad decisions we want you guys to share in those mistakes financially and take less money to play the game so the losses are not coming out of our pockets alone.

The same analagy as the players signing a blank Check/Cheque and then the owners will fill the amount out in the future sometime as to how much this will cost them.

There is also a solution in all this to and as long as Bettman slaps the word LINKAGE and ties it to Revenue in any proposal the players have nothing to work with .. It creates further resolve and stops fans from watching the game they love ..

We all agree that the system needs to be fixed for all 30 teams .. but it is not only the players that need to fix it so the OWNERS can get rich at the expense of the players alone ..

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