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03-18-2010, 05:08 PM
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if you can get high end composites for $40, you are doing great - would love to get that deal (depending on their shipping to canada).

if you are a forward who uses slap shots, maybe your composites will be better for you.

if you are like me, in a beer league or "pickup" that doesn't allow wind-up slap shots, and a defenseman who doesn't have a slap shot your average wood stick will last just as long as your average low end composite which are around $30-$40 on sale. the low end composites are lighter, but i wouldn't say on average more durable. when i was using wood (titans, kohos, etc. ones with the plastic along the bottom and a fair bit of flex), my sticks would on average last a full season - most not breaking or chipping much; usually eventually turning to much.

in fact the last few low end composites haven't lasted as long as my previous wood sticks. i've had good luck so far with the last one i bought - a vic element; hasn't broke and the end of the blade hasn't chipped away at all. the last few i had were the ccm vector 06, and ccm octogun 10- one vector broke after a fair bit of use; one octogun might as well of broke - end of blade split parallel to ice in two spots and spread after a couple games; one vector is a spare stick and is chipping at the end of the blade already but still very usable for the time being.

so, anyone looking for a low end composite with a regular flex - thumbs down to the ccm vector 06 and octogun 10; vic element - good so far.

as far as wood, in my area there still are wood sticks readily available, but the selection seems like it's on a downward spiral. Sher-wood seems to be the main ones still readily available at most of the local hockey stores and retail stores (Canadian Tire, Play-it-Again, Source for Sports, Sport-Mart, Sport-Chek, etc.).

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