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Originally Posted by Leaf Army
7 games against Hamilton and 6 wins.

Head to head Wellwood vs. Higgins....



Oh well, none of this matters I guess. At least Hab fans can take solace in having vastly superior prospects.
Ha, ha. Very funny

Right like a Wellwood verses Higgins thread on the prospect board would accomplish anything ..

Hey look

Chris Higgins 2nd year ..... 48 games .. 14 goals ... 12 assists .. 26 points .. -1
Jeremy Williams 1st year ...46 games ...11 goals.....11 assists....22 points ... 0

Not really fair because Williams is a year younger and often does not even play regularly in his first AHL season so comparing him to a TOP 50 prospect like Higgins is a bit of an injustice .. It's not like Williams is scoring the winning goal in a shoot out or anything while Higgin's is not even competing ..

However lets forget Wellwood that just makes Higgins look, well lets say not to flattering in comparison as Leaf fans know Welly is in a whole different hemisphere and not really fair ..

and if Williams passes him soon .. we can always move on to comparing Higgins to Brendan Bell soon ..

Brendan Bell ..2nd year ...46 games .. 3 goals ... 19 assists .. 22 points .... +6

unless habs fans would feel more comfortable comparing Bell or even White for that matter to TOP PROSPECT Ron Hainsey instead...I mean is 8 points and -12 all that bad considering he is only in his 4th AHL season after all ..

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