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03-18-2010, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Garfinkel1 View Post
Complete GARBAGE.

Brooks is abusing his right as a journalist (if you want to call him that). What a scum.
Larry is a columnist. He isnt writing wire stories. On top of that, he writes for the NY Post. The NY Post. The NY Post. The NY Post.

Mike Barnacle, Mike Lupica, Jay Marriotti..etc..all these guys have an agenda, but they are columnists. They literally are paid to write what is on their mind, not what the public wants to hear. Mike Barnacle once wrote a column on the front page of the Boston Globe about Kevin kennedy's obsession with his hair and all the hair spray he used before games. Had nothing to do with the Red Sox, but after Kennedy was fired for being a micromanaging OCD freak, the article made sense.

Brooks isnt abusing anything except Torts' reputation. He isnt doing anything wrong.

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